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Junior CLICK

Junior CLICK is a group of children in the care of Wandsworth aged 6-12 years. They are activity based and meet in the school holidays where they can have fun, receive peer support, and have the opportunity to have a say about the care they receive. When possible, Junior CLICK participate in consultations for Children Looked After.

When members reach 13, they can move into the CLICK group.

The benefits of being in Junior CLICK are:

  • the opportunity to meet other young people
  • to learn new skills
  • to tell adults what it’s like being looked after by the Council
  • finding out about your rights
  • accessing information and support
  • and most importantly, having fun and creating new positive memories!

Here are some examples of projects that Junior CLICK have been involved in and have had an impact:

  • designed Wandsworth's Pledge for children looked after after 6-12
  • designed the Welcome in Care guides for children looked after
  • designed the 'What you sayin'?' consultation booklets to increase the voice of children in their review meetings and care planning
  • took part in the 'Who's Made a Difference' campaign
  • participated in national care day
  • participated in surveys
  • did a conference room make-over to make the space more young person friendly
  • annual residential trips

Please see the attached flyer and pledge under 'Downloads'.

All face to face participation activities have been put on hold due to the pandemic, but we are constantly reviewing this and making big plans for when we can all reunite! But please reach out to Amelia or Charis if you would like an outdoor walk or game with one of us in a local park.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Mei Lai Lu
Contact Position
Participation and Independent Visitors Manager


Age Ranges
6-12 years

Last updated: 20 Sep 2021