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Travel Training - Interview with a parent

Being able to get out and about independently is crucial to anyone's daily life. Young people with a Special Educational Need or Disability may find it more difficult, they can face greater physical and emotional barriers than their peers.

Travel training is a scheme that helps young people travel independently on public transport. This involves a travel trainer creating a plan with the young person that outlines the journey, the route, and method of transport. The trainer then completes the journey with the young person several times before slowly removing themselves from parts of the journey and ultimately allowing the young person to complete the entire journey by themselves. The process is slow but steady and can take upto a year but the end result is independence.

This Wandsworth parent was kind enough to provide an interview, about how travel training has helped her son, please watch it below. For more videos please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe.


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Last updated: 17 Nov 2020