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Welcome to ADHD Embrace

We are a charity supporting parents and professionals who live and work with kids and teens with ADHD. 5% of the population have ADHD and early intervention and support can change the outcome of a child’s life. For two decades, we have worked to ensure that children with ADHD are understood, supported and thrive.  

Providing a support community for the parents and professionals is at the heart of what we do.  To become part of our community register here.  We have a newsletter packed full of tips, support and events for families and a Facebook Closed Forum for parents and carers – sign up here. We provide a variety of services including specialist seminars led by experts, teacher seminars, free ADHD workshops, subsidised parenting courses and an ADHD resource library and video store.

ADHD EMBRACE are based in Richmond. For Wandsworth residents there is a charge to attend their post-diagnosis workshops.

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Last updated: 06 Mar 2023