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Disabled Facilities Grant

This is a grant for a disabled person to get help towards the cost of making changes to their home.

This grant is for all disabled people, including children and young people aged 0-25 years.

Grants may be given to make various changes, including improvements to:

  • help getting into, out of and around the home;
  • the safety of the property;
  • access to toilet, bathing and washing facilities; and
  • the kitchen.

To get this grant, you or your child will need to be assessed by an Occupational Therapist.  Email  or call the number below and request a "self referral questionnaire".  This will be sent to you.  Complete it and return it to the OTs. 

Once you or your child have been assessed and if the OT has recommend some adaptations, a report will be sent to Wandsworth's Home Improvement Agency who can help you with the building works.

Who to contact


Local Offer


What is Wandsworth’s Local Offer ?

Anyone who is registered as disabled can apply for a grant.  An assessment is made by an Occupational Therapist to decide what improvements you might need.

A disabled facilities grant guide is available on the website. 

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Last updated: 18 Aug 2022