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SEN Explained - ADHD Truth & Fiction: Dispelling Myths

Join Stephanie as she dispels the many myths and uncovers truths about ADHD to help you explain your child’s unique brain wiring to others.

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Monday 22nd August 2022

2pm – 3pm

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There is still so much ignorance around ADHD, especially in Education. Some teachers don’t believe ADHD exists. Others believe that ADHD only applies to boys – the “naughty boys” that can’t sit still, yell out in the classroom and spend their lunchtimes in detention. This leads to many children with ADHD (particularly girls with ADHD) not being diagnosed and being able to access the treatment that they need to engage in, and indeed in some cases, stay in Education. It also exacerbates the very damaging negative self-talk that these children suffer from as a result of being misunderstood.

When you know better, you do better…

So many myths prevail around ADHD that need to be busted. This is the aim of the webinar - to dispel the many myths about ADHD and help you explain your child’s unique brain wiring to others to ensure that your children get the understanding and support that they need to thrive with ADHD.

The ADHD Advocate provides certified ADHD coaching, training, and advocacy, educating and inspiring young people and their families, schools and organisations to understand and embrace ADHD. Taking a strengths-based, holistic and collaborative approach, the certified ADHD Coaches have helped many young people and their families tell a new story, one of empowerment and hope for the future.



Stephanie was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult following the diagnosis of two of her daughters. A former Magic Circle Lawyer working in Banking, Stephanie is the founder of The ADHD Advocate and co-founder of the ADHD Unlocked Membership Community. She has helped educate and inspire students and their parents, professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives to understand and embrace their ADHD, helping them to create the structures and strategies they need to achieve their goals.

Stephanie is also a former Primary School Governor for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (“SEND”), former Chair of trustees of ADHD Action, and runs the London ADHD Support Group on Facebook. Stephanie is passionate about raising awareness of ADHD, particularly in the Healthcare and Education sectors.


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Monday 22nd August 2022 2pm - 3pm
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£5.00 Per session

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