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NSPCC – Self Harm

Are you concerned that someone is self-harming? This site can help you to  spot the signs of self harm and inform you what you can do to help.

This service is to support you if you suspect that somebody you know is self harming. It will show you what signs to look out for and how  to approach this very difficult subject with them, and how you can support them through what is a very traumatic time for them.

This service can help you to find answers to some of the frequently asked questions including:

  • What are the triggers?
  • What are the physical  indicators?
  • What are the emotional indicators?

Because there are many reasons young people self –harm its important to get a diagnosis. How a family unit responds to self – harm behaviour can be a critical step in recovery.

This is an online service and can also be contacted by phone.

Who to contact

Contact Name

Where to go

Weston House, 42 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3NH.

Last updated: 23 Jul 2021